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In some cases, we see issues with existing registrations where when launched, they produce the following errors in the SCORMCloud player: “please make a selection”. At this point, the course is frozen and the only workaround is to reset the registration.

After several months of debugging and troubleshooting, it seems that the source of the problem is somewhere deep in the bowels of the sequencing features of the SCORMCloud player.

In working with Rustici, it looks like a two phase fix is in the works.

Phase 1 will be a bugfix for the “alwaysFlowToFirstSco” course property [which currently doesn’t work correctly and thus can’t be used to workaround the problem]. As described here []:

“If true the SCORM Engine will always load the first SCO in a course upon initial launch regardless of whether sequencing rules dictate this behavior. “

For courses with a single SCO, this will be sufficient to fix the problem. This bugfix is in progress for SCORMCloud [April 2015] so we expect it shortly.


Note this option is default setting.

In phase 2, the sequencing engine will need to be fixed. Release date for that is TBD.

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