The iPad Factor


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One thing that is really mixing things up in the e-learning world right now is mobile… and specifically, iPad.  

Problem is, when Steve Jobs decided he wasn’t going to let the iPad run flash, he broke a lot of people’s hearts in the e-learning industry as suddenly, the easiest route to getting existing content onto a mobile platform wasn’t going to work across the board.   Ok sure, you could decide that your strategy doesn’t include iPads, but since the iPad is owning the market right now, that probably wouldn’t go down so well in the next sales meeting.

If we accept that we want to produce content for the iPad, the only solution is to start retooling, and companies like Articulate are having to go back to the drawing board and build all their tools again in HTML5… which is a really big ask.


Companies like DominKnow have begun from the ground up building content authoring tools which can deploy to any platform.

Aura Bright is pretty much platform agnostic in three key ways.

First, we’ve spent a good deal of time building an interface that’s as happy on an ipad as a desktop (in the world of web development, this is known as a responsive design).    This is ready from the get-go and you can start using it in your own Bright site.   You can set colours and background images as you like it and they’ll work on any given platform.

Second, we’re running on WordPress, so if you don’t like our theme then relax!  Just pick a new one and we’ll help you deploy it into your Bright site and off you go.  And there are millions of WordPress themes out there, so just pick one that suits your delivery platform best.

Third, we are authoring software agnostic:  use whatever you like to build your learning content with.  DominKnow is a great solution if you want mobile content and it has to be SCORM powered, but you can use our built-in editing tools to put together quizzes and web pages if you don’t want to go that far.

And, if you know you’re really not going to touch the iPad, you can still use Adobe Flash to deliver it.   What did Steve Jobs know, anyway?