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For a split second, I was getting the error
“Oops! There was a general error executing method [createInvitationAsync]: Too many bytes in this Domain.”

out of SCORMCloud while creating a registration.

It seems like registration creation was currently not working [although w/ SCORMCloud’s excellent support we fully expect this to be fixed immediately].

But here’s a great and fairly unique chance to test Bright …. with the SCORMCloud backend responding not exactly perfectly at the moment. Reality is, 100% uptime doesn’t exist, anywhere. But when its 99.9999% you don’t get much chance to test you infrastructure when a cooperating service isn’t working……

In virtue of the Bright web service, all pages are functioning normally, which is what I expected.

But since we know we can’t create a reservation, what do I get if I go to launch a course [which will require a new registration]? LET’S BREAK SOME STUFF!

And here’s what I get:


The launch button changes text, with the error:

“There was a general error executing method [createRegistration]: Timed out waiting for operation – failing node: ip-10-2-20-98.ec2.internal/”

Everything else functions perfectly well. Does this qualify as graceful failure? Beauty is the eye of the beholder…. but it’s not too bad since launch/registration are a fraction of the requests we server.

And look now, SCORMCloud is already fixed!

I can imagine a fancier message along the lines of ; we’re sorry, your request can be fulfilled just this moment. Why not refresh the page and try again?