Content Production & Consulting


Aura Software consults on technical strategy with organizations of all sizes, from the Fortune 200 to one person startups and every level in between.  It sounds like a cliche, but keeping the customer’s needs in focus is part of our company values.  While many companies come to us looking for all kinds of custom software, we frequently recommend against it when a lower cost alternative exists.  Keeping our customers from re-inventing the wheel is a primary focus of what we do.

When it really does seem like something needs to be built, we highly recommend a two phased approach.

Phase 1: Requirements Analysis

Trying to produce a piece of custom software without a thorough review of the requirements is a recipe for disaster.  But we find many companies aren’t equipped to perform this requirements analysis themselves.  One of the most useful services Aura Software provides is to help companies identify their own requirements.  While you could argue this adds an additional phase to the project and drives the cost up, we find a thorough requirements analysis radically drops the final implementation cost.  “A problem well conceived is half solved” – Piet Hein.

Phase 2: Finding the Best Answer to Whatever Reared its Head in Phase 1.

Trying to do identify tools or platforms prior to completing Phase 1 reminds me of what my dad told me about auto racing (as he was the race doctor for the US Grand Prix).  “Son, take a $100 bill and light it on fire.  If you feel nothing, you are ready for auto racing.”

Without Phase 1, are you sure you are building the RIGHT thing?  We think probably not.

Content Production

Working in the elearning space means there’s always a premium on good content.  Aura works with our customers to produce all kinds of content goodies, for instance:

  • SCORM courses in Articulate and Claro.
  • Site layout and themes.
  • Custom images.
  • Page layouts.
  • Video
  • animated videos/infomercials.  We like to think we are rather good at it, why not contact us for a sample!