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“overall this is working great and I’m impressed with where we are at this point” – Greg S.

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All in a days work. Can’t wait to taste this cake ….


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Discussing Bright with an active customer that runs thousands of people through their system a month:

The marketing for Bright should definitely include that fact the system does not require an administrator or an owner. I think that’s really unique. It’s very user-centric, not administrator-centric.

– T Dale, Penman Communications

Our philosophy is that the “LMS” piece should be completely invisible to the user, except at specific points as defined in the user requirements. So if you want to show a user’s progress somewhere, then “say that” by embedding a shortcode that shows progress in that spot.

Really the only visible parts of the “LMS” are the places in the tool where it says “Launch” [unless you want it say something else].

In this way, we can call Bright a “declarative LMS” that runs on autopilot.


I love this part


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More feedback


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Direct feedback from our most recent Bright implementation:

When you responded to our RFP, we didn’t understand all the terminology in the response so we hired a consultant to help us pick our vendor.

Her feedback was that your existing customers loved using your service, and that drove our decision.

Tools are nice, but driving for customer satisfaction is what drives us. What does that mean? It changes every day, actually.

We can’t always anticipate the problems and challenges that an individual project or implementation will face. It could be technology, or it could be organizational. But we do know that to serve our customers, we need to produce software that adapts to the problem at hand, and we need a services model that adapts to the customer organization. That’s the Bright Manifesto for Great Customer Satisfaction in a nutshell.

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Recently, in response to some inquiries from some Financial types, we reached out to a couple of knowledgeable customers [and one partner]  asking them:

If you didn’t use Bright, what would you use?  Who do you think our competition is?

This is relevant to us as Bright sits firmly in the middle of the Build vs. Buy debate.  So, it can be a bit difficult to say who we are actually competing against.

In any event, one of our customers sent us this, which I attach here:


We Did It Again


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Are we serious about the availability of our service? You bet we are.

Some metrics of how serious we are:

* 87 remote monitors on everything from web server response, disk space, swap space, DNS, job status, you name it.
* As of June 2015, we had 110 automated tests. As of today, the # has topped 260.

How does it manifest itself? Here’s an excerpt of an email I received from a customer who monitors the uptime of all of their cloud vendors.


Why is it title: “you did it again?” It’s not the first time we’ve been measured at 100% available for an entire month. Word in the Aura lab is, “next month, we go for 110% available”.

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Here’s how we are described in the Trimeritus list of Vendors of Learning Management and E-learning Products.

Aura Bright (Aura Software, LLC) Not a traditional
LMS, it is a highly configurable SCORMCloud based learning platform that embeds
LMS functionality into any application. Has a WordPress plug-in.

What we find interesting in this review is that the word “configurable” …. this is the only place
the term appears in the entire document.

I guess one of these is not like the others……

Vendors of Learning Management and E-learning Products

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Its nice when other people recognize what you do…

I had a chance to ask a potential customer who came knocking at our door how he heard about us?

“Oh you guys are listed here!”:

SCORM Cloud plugin for WordPress on

That’s nice, what did they say?

“These partners have done great work with the SCORM Cloud plugin and may be helpful for you:
Aura Software”

Why thank you! And that was BEFORE we built Bright. 🙂