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We’ve mentioned DominKnow in other pages on this website, and for good reason: they build a quality e-learning authoring tool called Claro.  We love this tool, and get a lot of value out of it: and so do our customers.

But here’s where it gets interesting:  when DominKnow have a customer who needs to host some content, what do they recommend?   Bright Server of course!    Here’s why:

  • DominKnow Claro is designed to author content for any platform: mobile phone, tablet, desktop, you name it.   Bright runs there too.
  • DominKnow Claro produces SCORM-compatible learning materials.    Bright loves that.
  • DominKnow Claro embraces HTML5 for delivering content.   Bright is happy with HTML5 (or anything else you can throw at it).