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What is SCORM?

SCORM is a standard for publishing learning content.  Put simply, the idea of the SCORM standard was that it was a way of allowing learning content from any given provider to be put into a compatible LMS, so that if you purchased an LMS for your IT department, you were not tied into the courses provided by the LMS vendor, and you could add SCORM compatible courses from anywhere.

That’s the theory, anyway.  In practice, SCORM implementations vary, and some LMS’s do a great job of hosting SCORM, while others don’t.

For Bright, we wanted to give you flexibility, but we also wanted to save you as many SCORM headaches as possible.  For this reason, while you can plug in other SCORM implementations, we are strongly favouring using our ScormCloud plugin, which uses Rustici’s industry leading ScormCloud product.

What’s ScormCloud?

ScormCloud is Bright’s solution-of-choice for dealing with SCORM-compatible content.

Chances are, if you have an old LMS you’re interested in retiring, you’re going to have some SCORM content lying around which needs to carry on working, and ScormCloud will do this job for you beautifully.

Put simply, ScormCloud is a cloud-based, ADL-certified implementation of SCORM, which plugs right into Bright server.

Advantages of ScormCloud

First up, ScormCloud is an excellent implementation of the SCORM standard – Rustici are renowned for pushing the SCORM standard forward, so you wouldn’t expect anything else.

Secondly, Bright is tightly integrated with ScormCloud, so that the results of your learning are stored back in the Bright Analytics system, for top-notch, across-the-business reporting.

So if you want to move to a more modern LMS, but you want all your old course materials to carry on working, then the chances are that our SCORM solution can break the link for you, and let you start seeing some massive savings on your e-learning bills.

Check out the article that Rustici wrote about Aura Bright.