We Like TinCan


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Things don’t change so quickly in the world of e-learning, but Rustici are starting to really set the pace with Project TinCan.

When the SCORM standard was originally written back in 1999, the idea of an always-on, everywhere internet was pretty laughable.  So installing courseware into the LMS and hosting it within the enterprise seemed like the only sane thing to do.

Fast forward thirteen years, and browsers have standardized, software-as-a-service is no longer a crazy idea and people can pretty much get the internet anywhere.   Things have changed a lot.

So the need to enforce presentation standards for courseware just isn’t there anymore – so long as it appears on a web page, most people viewing a course don’t care whether it’s hosted within their LMS or not.

This is where TinCan steps in – it concerns itself only with the tracking of the results of training (who did what, and when), not the presentation (what media, platform, environment and where it happened).   So your LMS becomes an LRS (Learning Record System), storing only the details of the trainings undertaken.

Now obviously, there are lots of questions about how this is going to work, but it’s clearly a step in the right direction,  and Bright wholeheartedly supports this effort.