Brand Spanking New


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Before we got to roll out all the cool features we’ve got in the backs of our heads ….. it seemed that we needed to get hip.

By hip I mean, today, up to date, the latest greatest, get in with the “in” crowd. Stop listening to a walkman, stop wearing bell bottoms, get rid of the mutton chops. Or is it all in vogue again?

So we are proud to report a massive upgrade to the Bright/Aura infrastructure.

– all machines are now 64 bit 100% SSD. There’s nary a disk drive spinning in the house! Those babies smoke!
– 100% Ubuntu 14 LTS on all devices. Haazzzah!
– Postgres 9.3.5+ everywhere. We are REALLY excited to put this baby to work.
– WordPress 4.1 everywhere.
– Rails 4.1.9 [4.2 …. we see you, we want you, but your time hasn’t come yet!]
– Ruby 2.1.5. Yes!
– JQuery 2.1+

I feel so ….. “modern”. Now let’s build some stuff.