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Its nice when other people recognize what you do…

I had a chance to ask a potential customer who came knocking at our door how he heard about us?

“Oh you guys are listed here!”:

SCORM Cloud plugin for WordPress on

That’s nice, what did they say?

“These partners have done great work with the SCORM Cloud plugin and may be helpful for you:
Aura Software”

Why thank you! And that was BEFORE we built Bright. 🙂

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DevLearn 2011 - Bret Presenting

Rustici (of ScormCloud fame) are pretty keen on what we’ve been doing with their platform, so they invited Bret along to DevLearn to talk about what Aura have been up to.  Here are some shots of Bret giving the presentation.

Bret was talking to the assembled masses about how the Bright platform brings together WordPress, ScormCloud and analytics – and how that was enabling one of our Fortune 500 clients to completely crush it with their sales training solution.

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SCORM Support


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What is SCORM?

SCORM is a standard for publishing learning content.  Put simply, the idea of the SCORM standard was that it was a way of allowing learning content from any given provider to be put into a compatible LMS, so that if you purchased an LMS for your IT department, you were not tied into the courses provided by the LMS vendor, and you could add SCORM compatible courses from anywhere. || Read more

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Aura has been invited to provide material for the ELearning Guild‘s new eBook:

50 Tips for Using “The Cloud” for eLearning.

Look for it this summer!

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Some organizations find their requirements don’t match the functions delivered by traditional learning management systems (LMSs). These organizations need significantly more flexibility and more control over the learner experience. In many ways, these organizations  want a custom learning website where the trackable learning content (such as SCORM packages) is just a component of something else. || Read more