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One of the most common questions we get is, “what does Bright for WordPress do that I can’t do with the SCORMCloud plugin for WordPress?

Invariably the topic of performance comes up.  What we say is the performance of the SCORMCloud plugin for WordPress scales according to the # of courses on the page.  So it is “linear”.  In contrast, Bright performance is flat …. which means more courses doesn’t result in more time.

So today I got a support request from a customer to look at the performance of a page.   It seems that they’d embedded 5 courses on the page, but used the SCORMCloud plugin, not bright.

It was taking about 21 seconds for the page to respond:



So I just replaced those embeds with Bright embeds.  There’s even a “SCORMCloud classic” embedder template that replicates the look and feel of the SCORMCloud plugin; so you can’t even tell that it was changed.
Then I refreshed the page:




OK even we grant that this call took a bit longer to setup [for DNS lookup]; we killed it.  Wait time went from 21.08 seconds to 1.75 seconds.

So with Bright, the page load time is 8% of what it is using the SCORMCloud plugin; or 12x faster.  As the SCORMCloud plugin gives linear performance, you can expect it to be 24 times faster for a page w/ 10 courses on it, and so on.




Curious on how to speed up SCORMCloud applications?  Ask us …. we do that.