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One of our customers noticed yesterday that the Rustici SCORMCloud plugin would “auto-tag” your courses, based on your WordPress post or page categories.

For the purposes of backward compatibility, we’ve picked up similar functionality.

For Bright, its set in the shortcode though:

All is right in the world.

Check SCORMCloud, the post categories are there as course tags:


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Here’s a short video describing how to configure a Bright embed code or widget to dynamically refresh itself after a certain interval.


Template for Random Course

Here’s the template code from the demo, created via the Bright Template Editor from the WordPress administrators console:

Embedder Shortcode From Video

[bright template=”random course” type=”courselist” refresh=”1000″ class=”none”]

Websites we love


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I was asked an intriguing question during a meeting yesterday:

Can you send us 5 or 10 sites that you like, just to inspire us? You can include a basketball site! (I’d already revealed my basketball obsession).

Interesting question and a bit of a challenge.

So here’s what I’ve got. – This is a case study (from my perspective) on how to integrate trackable e-learning into “something else”. Learners take courses and interact with the modern, non-tracked content “all in the same place”. Yes they are an Aura customer.

Google Circa 1999

Google Circa 1999 – always a classic. I prefer the circa 1999 or 2000 edition:

Clean and simple. I still think this is my all time favorite web page. It came at a time when people were trying to jam as much as possible onto their page, refreshing to see something going the other way. Compare to yahoo! from the same period:

Basketball Reference

Basketball Reference

This is a great basketball website:

Again, I love the “clean” approach. Some nice programming went into it. Surf around and a certain elegance will manifest itself.

Bright Product Page

Bright Product Page

My new favorite web page:

OK … that’s my web page. But I still like it. I used gliffy to create the top image ( and we used the WordPress shortcode API ( to make generating the “image/text” blocks a snap. This is something that is extremely powerful in WordPress that can make it easy for non technical user to generate beautiful web pages.

The shortcode API came in very handy when building the Bright plugin for WordPress; too bad Drupal doesn’t have the same.

Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine – Wired has really pioneered the unification of print and digital edition magazine publishing. I was a print subscriber, and they moved me to a digital subscriber. Since the New Yorker has adopted the same platform, I am now a New Yorker subscriber (after letting my print subscription lapse after many years because it was just too much paper). ( If I am on a desert island and I can only receive one magazine, can it be anything but the New Yorker?

538 Blog

538 Blog – Greatest political blog of all time? I think Nate Silver has to be put into the blogging hall of fame. For the 2012 election, his blog was the silver bullet into the heart of the conservative echo chamber bugbear.

Generally speaking, other than their terrible attempts at paywall implementation, the New York Times has done a good job of integrating modern web technology without losing the “old school” feel that is part of the NYTimes brand.