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Our customers are always asking us, “what content authoring tool should I use?”.

First, I have to recuse myself because I am a collaboration fanboy.  I love sharing documents on Google Docs for instance, and I absolutely detest emailing MS Office documents around.  “Where’s the latest version?”  Anytime anyone asks this question, for me its like fingernails on the chalkboard.  STOP!

So that being said, I think this is actually a pretty easy call to make.

Do you want to collaborate on your courseware?  Do you have multiple people you want to be involved in the production process?  Content experts, designers, digital producers?  Then a collaboration oriented tool will be music to your ears.

Are you a one person wrecking crew who plans on doing it all yourself?  Then the overhead of using a collaboration tool will just drive you nuts.  Want to work on your project in the Gobi Desert?  Forget it.

Now for us, we use a team approach for content production, so we have to have a collaboration tool.  Where’s the latest version?  Where it always is, of course.