Why SCORMCloud?


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SCORM Cloud is the gold standard by which all other SCORM content players are judged. Previously known as Test Track, SCORM Cloud is where the e-learning industry turns to solve compatibility issues and has been for over 8 years. It was actually the first LMS certified by ADL for SCORM 2004 3rd edition back in 2007.  SCORM Cloud handles over 7 million registrations each year , so they’ve seen pretty much every iteration of SCORM and have built flexibility into the SCORM Cloud player to account for the wide ranges of SCORM interpretations out there. SCORM Cloud has also racked up a few awards and recognition along the way:

  • Brandon Hall Awards- 2 Gold medals (2010 and 2013)- as both a stand alone application in 2010 and for the work CA is doing with Cloud in 2013.
  • Identified by several eLearning experts as a ‘game changing’ application when it first hit the market in 2009.
  • SCORM Engine was awarded a Brandon Hall Gold Medal in 2014 for a collaboration with LifeWay Christian Resources incorporating SCORM, Tin Can, and Video based content for desktop, mobile and offline environments.

Thanks to Tammy Rutherford at Rustici Software for providing the backing data [and text].